Artist Statement

My work examines human perception and our indisputable need to classify people, places, or objects, in order to access their value. I juxtapose found objects and recycled materials to challenge our perception of them. Collaging items such as Arizona cans, Corona bottles, leopard underwear and flags, I compose life-size interior spaces that documents the consumer’s journey. I manipulate found clothing to create faceless figures that my viewers generate an identity for. I explore how economic status, race, gender, cultural background, and sexual orientation may be perceived through our consumed items and environment. I layer elements of photography, flattened found objects, fabric, contact paper, and paint to create 3-dimensional spaces on 2-dimensional planes. These altered spaces create an illusion of reality through scale, tactility, physicality, and dimension. My work welcomes viewers to examine their own perception and confront the factors that help shape their opinion.